Dhe grandees of the CSU are always well advised not to simply enjoy a summer, but also to pay attention to what the respective chairperson says in front of the cameras in a so-called summer interview. A few years ago, Horst Seehofer reprimanded his interior minister Joachim Herrmann. He warned against “jeopardizing the toll planning by” non-stop interjections, interviews or whatever “. Herrmann had dared to suggest toll exemptions for the border regions, so that perhaps more people could be enthusiastic about the central CSU project. At that time, Herrmann was still considered a general-purpose weapon by the CSU. Seehofer straightened it out.

Frank Pergande

Political correspondent for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung in Berlin.

Markus Söder has now criticized Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer in the summer interview. Not because of the now failed toll, but for the equally failed new road traffic regulations including a new catalog of fines. That was “went bad” and “very, very annoying,” said Söder. But he remained mild with all criticism: “I think Andi Scheuer now has the opportunity to clarify and make amends.” To the general surprise, Söder also said that he was actually not an opponent of a speed limit on highways.