Federal President Steinmeier praises Dirk Nowitzki

Wdoes he still remember mr dirk nowitzki? Rhetorical question. In Germany, of course, most people have not forgotten who he is: the greatest player in the history of German basketball. On Thursday, when the European basketball championship started in Cologne, the Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier dealt very directly with Dirk Nowitzki in a speech.

“Your hero status,” Steinmeier said in the arena in Cologne, where the German basketball federation, in the presence of Nowitzki, pulled his jersey number 14 under the roof of the hall, “is undiminished three years after the end of your career . To remain a hero in the eyes of the public is not enough through sporting success – heart and character must also be added.”

When, please, has one heard a Federal President about an athlete who is not from the national sport of football? Afterward, Nowitzki was allowed to speak. And it told the truth about him that in his speech he spoke about most of his fellow campaigners, but not about one: himself.

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