Federal judge Gustavo Gelpí confirmed this afternoon that no more inmates from the United States will be transferred to the Guaynabo Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) after he denounced more than a week ago that a group of prisoners arrived with COVID-19 without have coordinated with local authorities.

“It was agreed that no more federal prisoners will be transferred to MDC Guaynabo in Puerto Rico until the federal court requests it.”, he indicated in written statements sent to The new day.

The decision was made at a meeting with the head of the federal prosecution in Puerto Rico, Stephen Muldrow; federal prosecutor Wilmer Ocasio, judge Aida Delgado Colón and court secretary María Antongiorgi. Antonio Torres was also representing the office of the Federal Marshals Service in Washington DC

As of Thursday last week, nine inmates had been reported testing positive for the virus’s molecular test. All were transported to the island without prior notice in a group of 54 inmates.

“We are still waiting for the molecular results of other prisoners who arrived at MDC from the continent”, Gelpí stressed.

Faced with this situation with the prisoners, Governor Wanda Vázquez requested yesterday by means of a letter sent to Muldrow information about the protocols for the handling of the federal inmates.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of State, Elmer Román, alerted in the same letter that he feared that an increase in cases in federal prison could have repercussions on the state health system.

“If these inmates worsen, they will end up in our state health system and that is why we are very clear that we cannot receive positive inmates to COVID-19”Román affirmed.