Federal government: The chancellor spends one billion and boulettes

Federal government: The chancellor spends one billion and boulettes

federal government:The chancellor spends a billion and boulettes

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federal government:

“If you had asked me this morning how it was going, I would have said, ‘So.’ Chancellor Olaf Scholz after the refugee summit.

(Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka/DPA)

Making migration a top priority, avoiding endless payments to the countries: Olaf Scholz achieved both goals at the refugee summit. But the real problem remains.

By Markus Balser, Daniel Brössler, Paul-Anton Krüger, Nicolas Richter and Mike Szymanski, Berlin

At the end of the day, the Chancellor is satisfied. “You shouldn’t praise the day before it’s evening – now it’s evening, so we can praise it,” said Olaf Scholz after the refugee summit with the prime ministers. He only has to answer a few questions and then it’s over. Strange that everything is ending so peacefully and even quickly now, when the federal and state governments have overwhelmed each other with demands and accusations for a week.

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