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There is no date that is not met and after tons of spy photos, rumors and more, Ford has revealed the long-awaited compact pick-up derived from the Ford Bronco Sport, the Ford Maverick. The biggest surprise comes from his hybridization, because as standard it will offer that mechanic that promises up to 17 km/l (40 MPG) consumption. Of course, as an option a turbo engine traditional with more power and other versatile solutions in its purpose.

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Compact pickup with inspiration from F150 and Bronco Sport

The Ford Maverick is built with the same platform Ford Escape and Ford Bronco Sport, so although it is somewhat larger, it does not overflow in dimensions either. In total it measures 5 meters (5,054 mm) long and 1.7 meters high (1,744 mm). Staying 28 cm from the Ranger in length and 6 cm in height.

Ford Maverick 2022 1600 0a

Your punt will have a size of 1.3 meters (1,381 mm), for any version, as it will only be available in a four-door double cab configuration. At the design level there are certain lines that remind us of the Bronco Sport, but in general it takes a little more inspiration from the new F-150, at least in the headlights section – LEDs in all versions, by the way. It may not look as outgoing as a Hyundai Santa Cruz, but it does embellish itself with some elements of color to give it a more youthful appearance.

Ford Maverick 2022 1600 0b

According to the version you will find different styles of wheels or even some vinyls on the rear. For its part, the pan will be flanked by skulls and the name of the model is printed on the same lid.

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Striking and colorful interior if you want it

Ford Maverick 2022 1600 14

The interior it is more like what we see in the Bronco Sport than what we would find in the F-150. And it is that the orientation of Maverick is totally recreational. For this reason there will be more combinations of colors, materials and technological solutions focused on connectivity and comfort.

Ford Maverick 2022 1600 15

Let’s start with a partially digital instrument cluster with a center color screen and a multifunctional steering wheel. At the center of the board a 8 “touch screen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, also with navigation included and the benefits of Ford Pass Connect that will allow you to have Wi-Fi for up to 10 devices and many other remote services accessible from the owner’s screen or cell phone.

Ford Maverick 2022 1600 19

There will be Dual Zone A / C, USB and USB C ports, wireless smartphone charger, gear selection knob and drive mode selector. Ford decided to dress the interior with a domain of hard plastics, although with different colors and textures to favor the perception of quality, while keeping costs as low as possible.

Ford Maverick 2022 1600 18

You will notice that there are several holes in different areas and this is right in that you can use them as storage spaces or buy one of the hundreds of accessories that will have to allow you to add more elements such as cup holders, hooks, nets or frames of any kind. They even plan to release data and plans so that the owners themselves can 3D print something they want to add to those spaces.

Ford Maverick 2022 1600 1e

As usual, there will also be a space below the back bench to store various objects, no matter they are wet.

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In terms of assistance, it will have the suite of Ford CoPilot 360; including Reverse Camera, Autonomous Emergency Brake, Blind Spot Alert, Evasion Assist, Lane Keeping, Adaptive Cruise Control and Automatic High Beams.

A hybrid pick-up with a turbo engine option

Ford Maverick 2022 1600 07

The Ford Maverick wasn’t built for heavy-duty work like a Ranger or F-150 would. Its reason for being is in recreativo and in attracting customers who normally move in urban environments, although with a certain interest in recreational activities that do not necessarily make them enter the more complex off-road routes.

Ford Maverick 2022 1600 09

That is why it will have a standard hybrid mechanics composed of a naturally aspirated engine 2.5 liters that is supported by an electric motor and a 1.1 kWh battery for a total power of 191 hp. In theory it is the same hybrid system as the Escape Hybrid. Ford did not disclose its total torque figure, but did clarify that models with this engine will have a CVT box and they will only have front-wheel drive. Of course, its consumption figures despite its square shapes, size and weight, will be around the 17 km/l. Subcompact hatch consumptions, that simple.

Ford Maverick 2022 1600 05

Its load capacity will be 680 kg, the towing capacity of 907 kg.

Fortunately for those who want more power and versatility, they will have the possibility of replacing these mechanics with an Ecoboost (turbo) engine from 2.0 liters, the same as Bronco Sport, with 250 hp y 277 lb-pie of torque that will be coupled to an 8-speed automatic transmission and that will take power only to the front axle, although there is also the option of adding an AWD system for an extra cost.

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Ford Maverick 2022 1600 08

Its load capacity will be 705 kg and the towing capacity of 1,814 kg.

The Ford Maverick is confirmed for Mexico, its presentation and sale to the public will take place in autumn of this year only with the versions XLT 4×2 Y Lariat. There are no official prices or specifications for our market, these data will be revealed as its launch date approaches. It should be noted that this product is manufactured in Mexico, at the Hermosillo, Sonora plant. In the US, the XLT version is priced at $ 23,775, that is, 468,705 pesos To the exchange rate. While the Lariat rises to 26,985, just over 530,000 pesos Mexicans. We emphasize that these prices are a simple conversion, without adjustments or taxes, they are only a reference of what we could expect.

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