Los Angeles California.- The California Highway Patrol in San Diego (CHP) remembers those who picked up money on the I-5 freeway that they must return it in the next few hours, otherwise they could be arrested.

CHP reported that several people who collected the bills have already turned them in, while others were seen walking away from the area with money that is now considered stolen by authorities. “The CHP would like to thank the motorists who have already returned money to their local CHP office and reminds the public to do the right thing and return the money they found on the freeway. To return the money, please contact (858) 637-3800 “, was insisted through a statement.

Those who collected the cash could avoid possible criminal charges by returning it within 48 hours, the CHP said. Now, its investigators are working with the FBI to identify the people and license plates of the various cars that were at the scene.

Money rain on California highway

According to the authorities’ report, the door of a valuables truck was opened by accident, while traveling on Interstate 5, in the Carlsbad area, near Cannon Road, around 9:30 a.m. November 19th.

The bills literally flew like a piece of paper across the road area, causing many drivers to stop to collect cash.

Multiple cars parked in the middle of the road caused chaos and, according to the videos on social networksThe risks of getting off to collect the cash mattered little.

So far it is unknown how much money was in the bag that came out of the stock truck. It is only known that it was bales of 1 and 20 dollar bills.

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