Fatma's body found dead in Maastricht

Fatma's body found dead in Maastricht

Sport Everyone sensed it, everyone feared it and, this Wednesday, the terrible wait came to an end.

Indeed, after several days of searching, the police found the lifeless body of Fatma (39 years old) and pulled it out of the icy waters of the Meuse.

As a reminder, on February 24, shortly before 9 a.m., the emergency services recovered the lifeless body of little Nail, 5, from Oupeye, from the Meuse. The latter was floating on the surface, at the level of the Lixhe dam-bridge. Nail and his mum, Fatma, had been wanted since the night before, when little Nail’s dad had given the alert.

After a couple’s dispute, Fatma had indeed left the family home, leaving her husband and her big daughter, but taking her 5-year-old boy with her. Worried not to see them return, the father carried out research and finally “fell” around 10 p.m. on his wife’s vehicle, parked along the Meuse, near Robinson Island, in Visé.

Warned, the emergency services intervened with tracking dogs, which detected a trace near the bank. It was not until the next morning that the lifeless body of the young boy was found.

The Liège public prosecutor’s office was informed of the discovery of the mother’s body. For the time being, even if all the tracks are considered, that of an infanticide followed by a suicide remains privileged.

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