Fátima Florez remembers the day she almost died from a bowl of noodles

Fátima Florez told of the day she almost died for a plate of pasta

Fatima Florez told a very curious anecdote which surprised Andy Kusnetzoffcyclist PH, we can talk (Telephone). The popular artist revealed that she had a really bad time eating a bowl of noodles, she even thought she was going to die.

“We had to open in Corrientes Street, I was very nervous about the debut, and I really like pasta, a fan of pasta, they gave me some homemade.”explains the actress. “I started to feel bad, but I thought it was something that could take him. That I drank something and it happened to me … “, adds the humorist.

But over time, the comedian’s picture worsened: “I felt worse every moment. I go to sleep and after a while I wake up. I felt it was the last day of my life. I really felt death. I’ve never felt so bad holding on to walls and feeling like they’re sucking me out from under me.”

Fatima then lost consciousness and has no recollection of what else happened. Her husband, Norberto Marcos, managed to wake her up. “I felt like I was hit by a UFO. When I passed out, I broke my tooth with my knee.” he pointed out between laughs. Finally he remembered that he couldn’t even pronounce his name because of the broken tooth. The arrangement had to be made with the dentist as he was also unable to work.

Fatima Florez and her husband

On the other hand, Florez made headlines for his participation under the guise of Mamba in the cycle Who is the mask? (Telephone). Karina La Princesita and Wanda Nara were right that it was the comedian, while Lizy Tagliani said from the first program that it was Jimena Barón and Roberto Moldavsky that it was Griselda Siciliani.

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“You broke it, Fátima, there are probably few artists like you in Argentina can do so many things so well and that’s why they kicked you out”, the host Natalia Oreiro has her faith and Mauro Icardi’s ex emphasized that each artist’s performance in the Telefe cycle was different.

“Thanks to you, to the production, costumes, make-up. I tried to fool them as long as I could, I had fun, I had a good time. I didn’t tell anyone, my husband found out halfway throughI kept the mystery and the mystique of this show, I showed up with the mask, the hood, the ‘don’t talk to me’ shirt. I felt the good energy from the public and on the floor and this show is fantastic”, greeted the impersonator cheerfully.

It was discovered before Peter Alfonso. “My daughter Oli is a fan and has no idea I’m here, they’re finding out now,” he said after being discovered, adding: “I want to clarify something that happened at the beginning. When I threw the kiss in the first song, it was for Lizy and you grabbed it.” Then the researcher did not hesitate, she came closer and in the middle of the romantic music she kissed Paula Chaves’ husband.

In the program they also discovered Marcela Tinayre. “This program is amazing. I followed him all over the world. Fantastic people are fantastic, you, Nati”, the daughter of Mirtha Legrand to the driver after removing the mask. And he explained that he did not tell his mother or his children: “No one in my family knows, I only told my grandchildren.”.

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