Father of the family (47) dies after catching a cold – Lower Austria

Myocarditis claimed the life of a 47-year-old from Klosterneuburg. The famous roofer has not recovered from a cold.

It was the end of the summer of 2022 when the famous roofer and plumber Wolfgang Kojetinsky (47), affectionately called “Bunk” by friends and acquaintances, had a cold. However, the conscientious businessman from Klosterneuburg (Tulln district) continued to work, although there were schedules to be met.

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No widow’s pension

And it was precisely this sense of duty that was the 47-year-old’s downfall: on September 5, he simply did not wake up. Cause of death: inflammation of the heart muscle, caused by a lingering cold.

He leaves behind his partner Yvonne (39) and their three children aged four, eight and ten. And as if the grieving process wasn’t tragic enough for the family of four, the 39-year-old is plagued by massive future and financial worries.

Because the couple lived in a “wild marriage” – that is, not married or a partner on paper – Yvonne does not get a single penny of the widow’s pension. After the death of the father of the family, all accounts were frozen. Each of the three children also got their own legal representative.

“Anything that can go wrong has gone wrong.”

credit open

There is also the question of whether the family can stay in the house they recently built together in Zeiselmauer-Wolfpassing. The burden of the open loan with variable interest rates and the complicated legal regulation of all matters is overwhelming.

And because the 47-year-old’s company will soon be closed due to his death, his partner Yvonne, who was employed there after the maternity leave, will probably soon be unemployed.

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“But unfortunately she was there for too short a time, she is not even entitled to unemployment benefits. Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong,” shakes the brother of the 39-year-old in the “Today”-Conversation confused the head.

Do you want to help?

donation account run on Yvonne Stoeber

IBAN: AT32 2011 1847 2037 1500


To help the family financially, a fundraiser has now been started: Am Money will be collected as part of the Advent window campaign at the Medziti tree nursery in Wolfpassing on December 3rd, and there will also be a charity punch stand of “Siegi’s Guade Jaus’n” in Klosterneuburg-Kierling on December 3rd.

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