Father Jaimie Vaes hoped that relationship with Lil Kleine would end | show

,,I am very happy that, no matter how difficult it is, you have now ended up in a different zone. I always hoped it would pass. I think it could not be otherwise, how many times have we been on the phone, that I said: ‘the only solution is: choose for yourself’”, says Jaimie’s father, who lives in Bali in Indonesia. “I’m glad you’re not in that misery anymore.”

The relationship between Vaes and rapper Lil Kleine came to an end at the beginning of this year after images surfaced showing the rapper clamping his girlfriend’s head between the car and the car door. The rapper was arrested shortly afterwards and the Public Prosecution Service said they suspect him of attempted aggravated assault. Vaes then broke off the relationship. The two have a son together, Lío. The Public Prosecution Service reported at the end of June that the investigation into the case is still ongoing.

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