Father Jaimie Vaes always hoped that relationship with Lil Kleine would pass | Stars

After a few years, Jaimie can finally visit her father again in Bali. In an in-depth conversation on the beach, her father tells how happy he is that his daughter is in a different phase of her life. “I always hoped it would pass. It could not be otherwise, how many times have we been on the phone, that I said: ‘choose for yourself’,” referring to the difficult relationship that his daughter had with the rapper.

He’s glad she’s not in ‘misery’ anymore. “Now you have something else on your mind, those are only healthy things. Let’s hope this is a start to a new beginning. Wherever a door closes, another one opens.”

Her father also hints that he would like to see Jaimie happily in love again. “Hopefully a new flame will come into your life.”

Jaimie: In The Vaes Lane can be seen every Friday on Discovery+.

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