Fatal mistakes that cause poisoning.. know and avoid them

Millions of people in the world get food poisoning every year, which leads to their poor health. The condition may worsen to death.

its reasons

Poisoning usually results from not cleaning food well or using expired foods, as well as eating foods that are not suitable for the health condition, especially for those under five or the elderly.

_ People with immune deficiency or defects are more susceptible to poisoning and must avoid some foods that are harmful to them.

Wash hands with soap and water, so that germs do not transfer to food.

_ Avoid washing meat and chicken excessively in one bowl and cutting it with one knife. In order not to transmit bacteria and salmonella to the hands during cleaning.

Adequate cooking of meat, chicken and seafood, as heat is enough to kill germs.

Eating raw eggs or meat such as pastrami or luncheon meat and beef without cooking it a little may cause a case of poisoning that may lead to severe gastritis or death due to salmonella bacteria.

Poisoning errors
Smell the food before you start eating it, even if it is kept in the refrigerator, as some spoiled foods may smell normal.

Taste the food you suspect is spoiled. Germs you can’t see with the naked eye and have no smell you can recognize. Once it mixes with your saliva, even a small percentage, it can cause poisoning. Get rid of food that you suspect is spoiled and make sure you cook food well, especially meat

_ Prepare food immediately as soon as it comes out of the refrigerator, so that it does not spoil.

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Putting food in the refrigerator while it is hot, which raises the internal temperature of the refrigerator, and thus stimulates the growth of bacteria in food.

Checking the shelf life of food



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