‘Fast & Furious’ fans are angry with Vin Diesel after Justin Lin’s departure

Fast & Furiousfans were shocked on Tuesday. Then it turned out that director Justin Lin resigned as director of Fast X. Lin did that just a week after the shooting of the film had started.

Lin only cited “creative differences” as the reason for resigning. “With Universal’s support, I’ve made the difficult decision to step down as director of Fast X, while staying connected as a producer.” He did not mention Vin Diesel in his post, which sparked speculation among fans.

Fast X-departure
The fact that a film director resigns a week after filming has started is never good news and makes fans not very happy.

They are now massively pointing to Vin Diesel as a producer and lead, who is known as a diva on set and clashes with people more often. Just think of actor Dwayne Johnson, with whom Diesel clashed in such a way that the two no longer want to be seen in the movies together.

Below are some of the reactions from fans:



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