Fashion match: how to wear the mini dress and the long skirt…

Sixties mini dress…

Where does it come from?

The history of the miniskirt? It goes back a very, very long time. We can even talk about the Nordic Bronze Age or the Qing Dynasty. But the minidress became especially famous in the 1960s, thanks in particular to the mother of this symbol of femininity, the famous designer Mary Quant.

What do we think?

Microwear is a real movement today. Once a symbol of sex appeal and femininity, the miniskirt trend lives on and remains an emblem of women’s emancipation. Sexy, bold and daring, it returns with graphic pieces and old school details and materials.

The trend?

You couldn’t miss it, the mini – even micro – skirt from Miu Miu. She never stopped talking about her. Courrèges, Balmain and Prada were all there. And we could see all styles; leather, vinyl, patchwork or sixties inspirations. One thing is for sure, we never tire of it.


Courrèges vinyl dress, 348fr.

© DR

Zara pink polyester mini dress summer 2022


Zara polyester skirt, 45 fr 90.

© DR

black and white Maje monogram knitted mini dress summer 2022


Maje monogram knit skirt, 249fr.

© DR

How to wear it?

Casual or very attractive? The mini dress fits. You can combine it with high-heeled boots and make it more sporty with an oversized top and a cap. The sporty-chic style remains a safe bet.

Zara purple knit top summer 2022 v-neck


Zara knitted top, 25 fr 90.

© DR

cream white Paris Texas leather boots summer 2022


Paris Texas leather boots, 575 fr.

© DR

purple plastic handbag Shrimp summer 2022


Shrimp plastic handbag, 423 fr.

© DR

beige cotton cap Jacquemus summer 2022


Beanie of cotton Jacquemus, 98 fr.

© DR

… or long pleated skirt?

Where does it come from?

It may seem quite surprising, but the pleated skirt took its first steps on a tennis court. Who would have believed it? It was indeed the designer Jean Patou, who created this famous piece for a famous tennis player, Suzanne Lenglen, in the 1920s.

What do we think?

Between Covid and lockdown, we demand more and more comfort in our clothes. The pleated skirt is known for being soft, flowy and super malleable; and it is true that we feel quite well there. This rather classic piece will still add body to the skirt and make your outfit chic.

The trend?

A symbol of the bourgeoisie in the 1950s, it was the master of folding, the Japanese designer Issey Miyake, who revived the trend. Today we see all the big fashion houses getting into it, like Altuzarra or Gucci.

pleated leather skirt 6 by yoox brown summer 2022


Pleated leather dress 8 At YOOX, 246fr.

© DR

cream polyester Nanushka pleated skirt summer 2022


Nanushka polyester pleated skirt, 650fr.

© DR

Vivetta twill satin pleated midi skirt black summer 2022


Vivetta twill satin pleated midi skirt, approx. 360.-

© DR

How to wear it?

Day or night, the pleated skirt really goes with everything (or almost). Wearing it with a blouse and loafers will be an ideal outfit for your summer days!

Polo Ralph Lauren white cotton blouse summer 2022


Polo Ralph Lauren cotton blouse, 149 fr.

© DR

shoulder bag NA-KD blue summer 2022


NA-KD shoulder bag, 80 fr.

© DR

Raid black patent loafers summer 2022


Raid patent moccasins, 49 fr.

© DR

Ray-Ban blue sunglasses summer 2022


Ray-Ban sunglasses, 215 fr.

© DR

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