Fascist Georgia Meloni, an admirer of Mussolini: “He was a good politician. Everything he did, he did for Italy”

It is disturbing to hear how a public representative defends the figure of a military man and fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. However, the concern takes on dark undertones when said public representative becomes president of a nation.


Giorgia Meloni, the product of Italian anti-politics

And it is that the newspaper archive of Giorgia Meloniwinner of the last Italian election at the head of the Brothers of Italy, a party born from the embers of post-fascism, shows us a politician who does not hide, who does not hesitate to pay tribute without pun or ambiguity to ‘Il Duce’ in her public statements.


Twitter users analyze the victory of the extreme right in Italy: “Now it is better understood why Pausini did not want to sing the Bella Ciao”

Listen to how he referred to the dictator in some statements on television:

Although the trajectory of Giorgia Meloni does not deceive anyone (she started being a soldier with only 15 years in neo-fascist formations), it is interesting to find audiovisual evidence of the ideological carkundia that she has been dealing with since then. the character.

This will not be the first nor the last ‘fascist pearl’ that Georgia Meloni slips in the near future. There is no doubt that something is wrong when someone can justify a figure like Mussolini with impunity.

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