Farmer Steffi about Maud and Evert: ‘Wedding next year’

Farmer Evert absolutely loves Maud. In the last episode he showed more of himself than in all previous episodes combined. To top it off, he tells Maud that he loves her. Farmer Steffi, who previously participated in Farmer seeks Wife and follows all episodes of this season closely, is sure: “Next year we will be at the wedding.”

It is the viewers’ favorite couple at home: Maud and Evert. Last Sunday we saw how the couple went on a city trip together, where Evert showed the back of his tongue. He told Maud that he has been hurt many times in the past that makes it difficult for him to open up.

‘Wedding next year’

During the trip they had some time for each other and Evert loosened up more and more. On more and more moments he dared to kiss Maud and at one point he even blurted out that he loves her.

Although farmer Annemiek, who previously participated in Farmer seeks Woman, finds it a bit quick that Evert says he loves Maud, farmer Steffi thinks it is just beautiful. “I think we will be at Maud and Evert’s wedding next year,” she reveals in conversation with RTL Boulevard.

Steffi, who follows this season closely, is just like the viewers at home a huge fan of the couple. “They totally take each other as they are and she absolutely loves him and he loves her. What else do you want?”

Live together

And a wedding is not such a crazy thought, because Maud and Evert discussed all their future plans in the last episode. ,,You now have such a dog walking service, would you like to continue with it? Or how do you see that now?” he asked Maud.

,,If we are having a lot of fun, then I would prefer to have you around me, of course”, replied Maud, whereupon she said that she even wants to move to Drenthe for him.



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