Farmer Annemiek reassures followers: ‘Tinder profile is not fake’

Annemiek has been inundated with warnings from her followers in recent days about someone who would abuse her data for Tinder. In her Stories she lets you know that this is not necessary. “I get all kinds of messages: ‘There is a fake account of yours active on Tinder, but don’t worry because I reported it’. Well sweet, and very assertive, but it is my own account,” said the farmer’s wife.

Annemiek actually planned to be patient and wait until parties are possible again, so that she would automatically run into love there. “Yeah, I’ll be boosted tomorrow, but I don’t really have the idea that the parties will start very hard.” Because she knows several people who got into relationships with someone they met on a dating app, she decided to give it a go herself.

In Expeditie Robinson Annemiek managed to draw the necessary attention to herself by regularly talking about her high libido.


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