Farah Al-Hadi comments on her accusation in a case ...

Source: Malika Amr- Toss News

Kuwaiti artist Farah Al-Hadi replied to her accusation of involvement in the issue of “money laundering” that has been leading the public opinion in Kuwait during the past two days, after a decision was made to seize the funds of 12 famous social media sites.

Farah said through her personal account on “Instagram”: “I have nothing to hide, and if I am wrong with something I will be held accountable.”

And the Kuwaiti actress added, “But everything is there and, God willing, the truth will appear, and all the rumors and accusations will be answered at the appropriate time.”

Farah Al-Hadi then concluded her message by saying: “God suffices me and bless the agent.”

It is noteworthy that the Kuwaiti Attorney General, Dirar Al-Asousi, made a decision to prevent the 12 suspects involved from traveling, according to what was mentioned by the account of the Council on Kuwaiti Issues, whether in the courts or the interior via “Twitter”.