Fans believe that Bilan and Pelageya could be a wonderful couple

Singer Pelageya celebrated her 35th birthday on July 14. The artist threw a fun party with friends. The stars Dima Bilan, Leonid Agutin and Polina Gagarina were also noted at the holiday.

On his Instagram page, Bilan posted a video showing his performance at a party.

“A legendary moment at the birthday of dear friend Pelageya! The impossible is possible, birthday girl, ”the artist wrote on his microblog.

The fans were delighted with the performance of the songs “Impossible is possible” and “On the shore of the sky” and announced that they were waiting for the official duet of Bilan with Pelageya.

“How warm it is from watching the video. Glad to see together ”; “Balm for the soul!”; “We are waiting for a duet with Pelageya”; “Bravo. The best in the world!”; “Legends!”; “What are cool”; “Dimochka-lighter”; “Pokrovsky will wake up now”; “Why is it so cool ?!”; “So many professionals per square meter”; “Gorgeous, of course!”; “You would be a great couple,” commented fans.


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