Fan shock: Maria Lo Porto aka Sophia leaves “Cologne 50667”!

The Cologne 50667 fans have to say goodbye to another star! It was only in April that the former Love Island boy and Toni actor Danilo Cristilli (24) announced that he was leaving the previous evening soap – now the hottie is playing professional football again. Then in May the Vince actor is Dominik Kowalski got out. Another exit is waiting for the audience in June: Sophia Luprano, played by Maria Lo Porto, is leaving!

That has Promiflash Find out exclusively from the broadcaster RTL2. Whether her exit is permanent remains to be seen – after all, she has already returned! We remember: The actress with Italian roots had already left “Köln 50667” in 2018 after two years on the set and finally came back in 2019. Tomorrow, June 7th, will Maria alias Sophia will be seen for the last time in the series …

Warning, spoilers! If you don’t want to find out in advance how your role gets out of the show, you shouldn’t read any further from here.

“After Jan was not only left at the altar, but also found out that Sophia had cheated and is now pregnant from her one-night stand, he decided last week to follow her to Italy and have a clarifying conversation to lead with her, “reveals RTL2 Promiflash. “When he comes back, his friends find out that Jan and Sophia have finally separated.” Jan – played by the “Köln 50667” veteran Christoph Oberheide – pretends everything is fine, but of course it is not …

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“Köln 50667”, Monday to Friday at 6:05 p.m. on RTLZWEI. Following the broadcast, the episodes are free for 30 days on TVNOW

The “Köln 50667” stars Carolina Noeding, Daniel Peukmann, Maria Lo Porto and Christoph Oberheide

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Maria Lo Porto, ex- “Cologne 50667” actress
Maria Lo Porto, ex- “Cologne 50667” actress
Christoph Oberheide, known from “Cologne 50667”


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