fan makes a bad controller to play, but great to eat, especially at Easter –

The POPE 3D designer, a big fan of Xboxmade a controller definitely bad to play, but good to eat, as it is made entirely of chocolate. This is a nice way to wish everyone a happy Easter. Who knows what surprise it contains …

Of course it is only a 3D model, but it’s really well done. Sure, imagine playing it for a few hours and think about how it could be reduced (and how your hands could be reduced).

However, it would not be bad to be able to eat chocolate with this shape. After all we are gamers and sticks and buttons do not leave us indifferent.

Who knows if some direct Xbox, seeing so much sweetness will not decide to make it a reality. Basically the Xbox Series X shaped refrigerator was done. This would also be more accessible to the general public.

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