Family of Vicente Fernández could sue Pablo Montero

Everything seems to indicate that the famous actor Pablo Montero could receive a strong lawsuit from the family of Vicente Fernandezsomething that for several months was seen to be true.

As you may remember, Pablo Montero is the protagonist of the unauthorized bioseries “El Último Rey”, for which Vicente Fernández’s family will take legal actions.

Apparently, Vicente Fernández’s family continues to take legal action against the production of the bioserie from Televisa “The Last King: The Son of the People”.

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It is worth mentioning that this is based on the book by journalist Olga Wornat, so it is an unauthorized project.

Given this, now the protagonist of the program, Pablo Montero, could also be defendant by the Fernandez

It was a couple of months ago that Televisa premiered the series “El Último Rey” despite the fact that Vicente Fernández’s widow, Cuquita Abarca, legally demanded that the project produced by Juan Osorio not be broadcast.

The bioseries got a good audience and now they are even preparing the second season, something that has made the heirs of “Charro de Huentitán” even more angry.

Apparently, the Fernández not only took legal action against the television station, but also plan to sue the singer and actor Pablo Montero, who was considered a friend of Vicente Fernández’s family until a few years ago.

However, after agreeing to star in the unauthorized series, he was rejected by the children and the widow of “Don Chente”.

According to Gustavo Adolfo Infante, he revealed on his YouTube channel that Montero spoke with Alejandro and Gerardo Fernández about the controversy.

Pablo Montero already spoke with Alejandro Fernández and Gerardo and they told him, ‘for us, for the Fernández you are dead, you don’t have a mother*, you are a hypocrite’”.

The communicator commented that the singer would have received strong legal threats against him, in addition to the veto of the family.

(they told him)… We think that in reality you were people close to the family, you are disgusting, we do not want to know anything about you, forget about the Fernández family.”

On the other hand, the journalist assured that Pablo Montero could not only be sued, but now he has already been banned from several palenques in the republic.

The foregoing would be possible under the condition that Alejandro Fernández’s presentations would take place in the venues only if Pablo is vetoed.

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