Falcao would reach the Malaysian league: This is what he knows

Falcao would reach the Malaysian league: This is what he knows


After completing several seasons at Rayo Vallecano, Radamel Falcao García ends his contract in the summer of 2023, so they would already be looking for a club for the 37-year-old striker and one of the destinations that sounds loudest is that of one of the most important teams in the Malaysia League.

🚨Johor, the most powerful club in Malaysia, contacted Radamel Falcao to find out if he was interested in playing there.
*️⃣The “Tiger” left the door open and, in case of giving the green light, they will make him a million-dollar offer. His contract with Rayo expires on 6/30.

— César Luis Merlo (@CLMerlo) March 2, 2023

According to several journalists specialized in the transfer market, including Cesar Luis Merlo, confirmed that Johor Darul Takzim, one of the most powerful teams in the Malaysian League, has a strong interest in having the services of the Colombian striker.

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The interest is clear: the team wants to count on Falcao for the next two years, Esteban Solari, Johor’s coach, confirmed it.

We know there’s a possibility, it’s something our boss is working on.We are still waiting, I can’t say more, our boss will decide on Falcao” commented the brother of the former Real Madrid, Santiago Solari when asked byThe Malaysian Reservemedia of that country.

One of the biggest attractions of the offer is to offer the ‘Tiger’ is to give him an ’embassy’ in an area of ​​the country’s peninsula.

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The main actor in this negotiation is the prince and owner of the Malaysian club, Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, who would be in charge of finalizing the transfer of the player to the exotic League.

In addition to the Malaysian team, Valencia is another of the clubs that is interested in having Falcao, seeking to leave the area in which he is in the Spanish League.

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