“Fake tickets the reason for the delay”

PARIS (FRANCE)IS sgiven the large number of fake tickets – which were not ‘validated’ by the turnstiles at the entrance – one of the main reasons for the chaos that occurred at the entrances of the Stade de France where Liverpool fans were crowding, before the Champions League final with Real Madrid. Did you know theUefa in a statement, explaining precisely that “a large number of fake tickets in possession of Liverpool supporters blocked the turnstiles. This created an accumulation of fans trying to get in. As a result, kick-off was delayed by 35 minutes to allow access for as many fans as possible with original tickets. As the fans outside the stadium continued to increase after kick-off, the police scattered them with tear gas and forced them to leave. Uefa stands in solidarity with those affected by these events and will investigate the matter with the police, the French authorities and the French Football Association.“.

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Real Madrid, the moment of triumph at the Stade de France

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