Fake green passes, it was a “detective” doctor who framed the nurse from Ancona

ANCONA – For days he pretended to “collaborate” with Emanuele Luchetti, the 50-year-old nurse from Falconara who administered fake vaccines to Paolinelli. Carlo Miglietta, 32-year-old dentist, pretended to be a real 007 and managed to unmask his colleague. The doctor took a confession using his smartphone and immediately alerted the police. At that point, the investigators decided to install a spycam at the vaccine hub and collect all the evidence to frame the nurse, immortalized several times while he pretended to inoculate the doses.

The investigations began last November when the “detective” doctor noticed Luchetti bringing groups of people to Paolinelli, about 10 at a time, personally providing for the vaccination. When someone asked him for an explanation, he replied that those very people suffered from panic attacks. Then in December here is the proof that, in fact, he opened Pandora’s box. The doctor saw Luchetti pretend to administer the doses and throw the still full syringe into a container. At that point Miglietta confronted him, initially asking him what he was doing and then pretending to play along, collaborating with the same nurse. After alerting the police, in the following days he recorded every conversation and pretended to take money from the nurse, which was then regularly delivered to the police. It was precisely these elements that triggered yesterday’s maxi operation.



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