Although Mexico leads the Concacaf Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, the local press insists that the level that those led by him are showing ‘Nanny’ Martino not enough to compete in Qatar.

The Concacaf Playoffs standings

David Faitelson, ESPN analyst, affirms that the ‘Tri’ will be in the World Cup without any problem, but with the level and the strategy imposed by the coach it will not be enough to stand out in said competition.

“The problem for Mexico in the face of the Concacaf irregularity is that 48 hours after Canada came and practically” danced you “on your own lawn, a weak Honduran team appears that surrenders and subtly falls,” said the controversial journalist. through their social networks.

Subsequently, Faitelson explained that ‘Tata’ was not hired to qualify for the World Cup, but so that Mexico can have greater prominence in the tournament and look for that fifth game that they dream so much.

Troglio, the coach chosen by the fans to replace Coito

” Martino remains concerned about what happened last week with Canada and not so focused on the triumph that Mexico had with some ease against Honduras on Sunday. Mexico will be in Qatar 2022, it has already recovered its head from these qualifying rounds, but the problem is what will happen, ” said the communicator.

” Martino knows that he was hired not to win the place for the World Cup, he was hired to make Mexican football transcend and he has to find the best style in this Octagonal. Here he has to do everything, but it is not the end pursued by the Mexican team, ” he added Faitelson.

Finally, the 52-year-old analyst insisted that the ‘Tata’ continues to mull over what happened in front of the Canadians and assures that this tie was more painful than the ‘Aztecazo’ that gave him Honduras in 2013 for the 2014 Brazil Qualifiers.

” Martino is worried about what happened to Canada, because Canada came and stood up with personality, he played you to you and at times he erased him from the field of play, whether we like it or not. Canada came and did something worse than that little-known loss of the Aztecazo against Honduras or Costa Rica, ” he explained.

” Canada really put another Aztecazo on him, more painful than the result, and he was better than the Mexican team in the 90-minute process. Tata Martino is concerned about that, the qualifying round is not a problem, the problem is Qatar … with this level it is not enough for you, ” he closed.


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