They had the same problem with Qualcomm for the Fairphone 1 and now 2 (and potentially 3 and 4). I find it astonishing that they continue to do business with this party and that Qualcomm simply refuses to cooperate.

Which party is better and which one can you choose from? you now have: Qualcomm, Exynos (samsung) and Mediatek. The only real other choice is Mediatek, which are now doing better than before.

That’s right, but at that time Fairphone also came on the market with an outdated soc or low-end soc.
But what you’re saying is wrong, the fairphone 1 that came on the market in 2013 had a yes: MediaTek MT 6589 (quad-core) 1.2 GHz. The problem they had then:

In December 2014, Fairphone admitted that it had failed to convince chipset vendor MediaTek to open up the source code for first-generation Fairphones. In September 2015, Fairphone released an update indicating that they had indeed gained access to MediaTek’s source code.

So that which is not a success, but a lot has changed at Mediatek.
But an update to android 4.4 was not forthcoming due to major software issues.
Fairphone 2 did indeed have a qualcomm soc, the S801. The device came on the market at the end of 2015 / early 2016 with a soc that was already almost on the market at the time: Qualcomm introduces 64bit octacore and Snapdragon 801, then you are already behind.
The fairphone 3/+ just has a low/mid end soc (Qualcomm Snapdragon 632) and the fairphone 4 has an S750G.
Where the Galaxy A52 5G from Samsung has the same soc and which has support until at least February 2023 and receives 3 major updates. So theoretically that should be fine.

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