Failed proposal: He asks for marriage at the Toros stadium and they reject him

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Mexico City / 09.05.2022 16:13:59


What was painted to be an unforgettable night ended up becoming a nightmare. And it is that a fan of the Tijuana Bulls from LMB managed to get permission to go down to the field with his partner, where I had a dream of asking her to marry him in front of thousands of fans.

Nevertheless, The result was not as expected. The fanatic and his partner were surrounded by the team’s mascots and their hostesses, to then give way to the unexpected momentas the local sound sang classic wedding music while the young man took out the engagement ring.

viral marriage proposal

After that, the fan took the microphone and he asked his partner if she wanted to marry himUntil then everything was laughter and happiness. Nevertheless, everything came crashing down when the girl put her hands to her face and after a few seconds in silence headed towards the exit of the field.

Faced with such a situation, the man had no choice but to keep the wedding ringwhile the fans began to lament the situation that the young man was going through.

Los Tijuana Bulls They were in charge of publishing the video on their social networks, which they accompanied with the following text: “They hit the friend in the stadium”; As expected, the video soon went viral.



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