Failed Game Boy Color Hardware Page Boy rediscovered

Once planned Nintendo an accessory for the Game Boy Color called Page Boy bring out. However, nothing of this hardware was ever made public, as the plans were discarded prior to publication. With this miracle thing, it would have been possible to surf the Internet, send e-mails or receive TV, among other things. A video game researcher has now rediscovered the lost part and presented it to the world.

Party like it’s 1999

Dominated at the end of the last millennium Nintendo the handheld market. No wonder, that Nintendo in addition to new video game titles, also all possible hardware options for the Game Boy Color has considered. the Page Boy was developed by a company called Wizard. Since contacting Nintendo in 1999, the collaboration lasted three years.

Page Boys Superstar

the Page Boy was able to perform the following functions:

  • Send emails
  • Send photos
  • Exchange messages
  • Follow news
  • TV received
  • Read video game magazines
  • Track weather report

These functions would have worked wirelessly all over the world. With today’s 5G technology, this is nothing special, but 20 years ago it was by no means taken for granted. Even TV would be received on the Game Boy Color was possible. So would have Nintendo can advertise live and exclusively with new video game products. The functions of the Page Boys thanks to the technology of the pager at the time, which was able to send and receive data using radio waves.

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What did the page boy look like?

the Page Boy was very nicely designed. He was so small that you could see him like any other Game Boy Title in the Game Boy Color could stuck. Game Boy Title, in turn, could then be entered in the Page Boy stuck so, even in spite of the use Page Boys, the running video game could continue to be played.

Liam Robertson is the said video game researcher, who also did the WorkBoy had rediscovered. Now he presents us on his YouTube Channel DidYouKnowGaming? the Page Boy:

The downfall

Unfortunately, the hardware had no future even before the release. It does not fail either because of the implementation or because of the implementation Nintendo myself. Hardly any state would have the frequency of the Page Boys given the green light so that the Page Boy could only have been used in very few countries. But even if more countries had agreed, he would have Page Boy probably only works in the USA, as the rest of the world lacked the necessary infrastructure. So had Nintendo In 2002 the ambitious project was abandoned.

The great strength of the Page Boys that would have been worldwide networking. But even if this dream did not come true in 2002, many of the functions did not come true on the Game Boy, but later on the Nintendo Wii, to the Nintendo 3DS , the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo Switch Reality.

Those: via DidYouKnowGaming?



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