By Baptiste Desprez

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The president of the French Football Federation apologized to the 1998 world champion on Monday.

After the controversies and going off track, it’s time for apologies. For proper backpedaling. Noël Le Graët, faced with the outcry of his lunar outing and moved on Sunday against Zinedine Zidane, reacted this Monday morning via an AFP press release. No classic interview, even less live radio interview, the damage being already very substantial.

The president of the FFF recognizes “awkward words» regarding Zidane and presents his «excuses“. An immediate backpedal after his interview which aroused indignation, anger and criticism, in particular from Kylian Mbappé or even Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, the Minister of Sports. The latter claiming on Sunday evening an apology from a man she does not appreciate. Faced with the shock wave of his media release, which no one was aware of within the FFF on Sunday afternoon, Le Graët complied. Forced and Forced.

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Yet another slippage that stains the president of the most powerful sports federation in France

«I would like to apologize for these remarks which absolutely do not reflect my thoughts, nor my consideration for the player he was and the coach he has become.“Says the boss of French football, the day after controversial statements about the former N.10 of the Blues and ex-coach of Real Madrid. Enough to relieve the pressure? Not sure.

«I gave an interview to RMC that I should not have given because he was looking for controversy by opposing Didier to Zinédine Zidane, two monuments of French football. I admit that I made some awkward remarks which created a misunderstanding“, continued Le Graët, as if he discovered the tone of the interviews and the questions which were going to be put to him. He knew he was expected on the subject Zidane and he missed in the great widths. With remarks unworthy of a president of the FFF.

“Zidane? I have nothing to shake it, he can go where he wants, in a club, he would have as many as he wants in Europe, a big club “

Noël Le Graët on Zinedine Zidane

Sunday afternoon, he had lost the thread after various questions about Zinédine Zidane. Showing himself sometimes arrogant, even disrespectful towards the former number 10 of the Blues. “I wouldn’t even have picked it up on the phonehe blurted out. To tell him what? Hello sir, don’t worry, look for another club, I just agreed with Didier ?”. Asked about a supposed interest from Brazil for Zidane, he added: “I don’t care, he can go where he wants, in a club, he would have as many as he wants in Europe, a big club».

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This umpteenth slippage of the 81-year-old leader puts Didier Deschamps’ contract extension or the good performance of the Blues at the World Cup in second place. And she asks the question of her discernment while the audit of the Ministry of Sports on the subject of tensions at the FFF must deliver its conclusions in the coming weeks.