Facebook has started its Clubhouse-style Live Audio Rooms feature in the Netherlands and Belgium. This allows public figures and creators to host audio conversations. The company previously released that feature in the US.

Facebook reports in an email that Live Audio Rooms will be available worldwide. This will allow ‘public figures and creators’ with a verified account to host audio conversations via the platform from Monday. Facebook groups also get the option to host Live Audio Rooms. Other Facebook users can listen in on such conversations.

The feature supports up to fifty speakers and an unlimited number of listeners per audio room. The company is also testing the possibility of hosting such an audio room from an Android device. Currently, this is only possible via the iOS app. Facebook is also testing Live Audio Rooms on desktops. In the US, the company is releasing an audio tab in its Android and iOS apps, which incorporates the company’s various audio features.

Facebook introduced the Clubhouse-style audio feature in the United States in June, but did not announce when the feature would be available in other countries. Facebook isn’t the only platform copying Clubhouse functionality. For example, Spotify released Greenroom earlier this year and Twitter started testing Clubhouse-esque Spaces late last year. Discord and Reddit have also introduced Clubhouse-like features.

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