Facebook Messenger, so you can recover deleted chats

If you mistakenly deleted a conversation from messenger and you want get her back, we tell you how to achieve it. Whether it’s because you had important information or simply to reread what someone sent you, any reason is valid.

The first thing you should know is that it only applies to devices with an operating system Android and you need the help of a third party application called ‘Es File Manager’, Available on the Google Play Store for free. We tell you the steps you must follow.

Facebook Messenger, so you can recover deleted chats. Photo: Pixabay

How to recover messenger chats

File Manager is a local file manager, which has the ability to analyze storage to clean up large or useless files. In the same way, it adds a function so that you can recover the chays deleted from the Facebook messaging service.

The next step after installing the application is to open it and grant it the necessary permissions so that it can work, then look within the options for the one that says ‘Storage or MicroSD Card’ and click on the ‘Android’ section and then ‘Data ‘.

A list with several files that are “hidden” within your device will automatically be displayed, look for the folder called ‘com.facebook.orca’, click on it to open a new tab where you must enter the ‘Cache’ folder, finally Click on the ‘fb_temp’ option.

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Done, from now on, all the chats that are deleted by mistake or intentionally will be automatically stored in the ‘fb_temp’ folder, so you can recover them whenever you want.

It is important to mention that depending on where you have the application saved, on the MicroSD or on the internal storage, it will be the path you must follow to recover the deleted chats.

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Similarly, there is the possibility that to analyze a specific folder, you will be required to be a ‘root’ user, that is, to have the phone unlocked through another third-party app, to have access to more advanced phone settings.

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