Facebook announced that there will now be a new audio service on the platform for users around the world, we will tell you what these new options are about.

Facebook announced that a new audio service will reach the platform for users around the world, so we tell you what these new options are about.

Are new tools are audio rooms and SoundbitesServices that were already available in the United States but will now reach the entire world.

The social network enables the new tools in a section under the name “Audio” that will allow users to access and host in one place all content in audio format including podcasts, live audio rooms and short voice notes, among others.

Audio rooms

The live audio rooms had been launched in the United States, in June, now they will be available to a global audience, the function can be used by various groups in addition to public figures and content creators.

When the audio rooms were launched they could only be created solely through the Facebook application for iOS. Now, they can also be generated from Android.

In the case of groups, administrators they will be able to control who enters the audio room, with private and public options available.


Facebook reported that Soundbites will also be available, which are small tracks in the news of users, who record a small piece of audio, such as an anecdote, joke or a story that inspires their contacts. It is a kind of TikTok but only of sounds.

Facebook has also explained that this new audio function will be available on iOS and Android, and can be found in the “View” section.

The firm explained that the product is still in development but It should be available to more users in the coming weeks.


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