Fabrizio, OSS: I reported a colleague who was a nurse. Even though he’s been fired, it’s hell for me.

OSS recounts his life after he denounced a colleague who repeatedly broke the rules.

Fabrizio (invented name) works in a structure near Florence and now it is impossible for him to work.

He continually receives spite from his colleagues, has lost all kinds of peaceful coexistence and is at the center of invented gossip.

Dear Director

I am OSS in the province of Florence and I want to tell how much my life has become a hell outside and inside work.

At the end of last year I reported my colleague on duty after months because it put both the health of my patients and my position at risk, making me an accomplice in crimes.

He administered the therapy, decided whether to call the ambulance without notifying the night doctor, put catheters and other things.

I asked him to stop, believe me. In the end I denounced for fear that I would also get in the way.

He has been dismissed and now my colleagues no longer speak to me. I found the broken locker, divided with SPY written on the breast pocket, they don’t greet me and look at me badly.

They invent gossip and bogus warnings to management. They also said that I brought the Covid to the facility, which I cannot rule out regardless (who can do it ????) but also saying that I was sick and I knew it.

They also said they saw me mount a trans on the street in the car.

All this generates pressure on me and for several months I have been going to work with anxiety. I also started sleeping badly and taking xanax in the evening.

The management believes me luckily and the place is safe. But my mental health falters.

Sorry for the outburst but you are the only ones who really tell things.

An OSS on the verge of a nervous breakdown.