At Playground Games, the team of authors hired to work on the role-playing game Fable, which previously had been involved in Rocksteady in Batman: Arkham Knight as well as other games related to the comic book hero. Video Games Chronicle found out.

Accordingly, the role of narrative director has been taken over by Martin Lancaster, who previously wrote the screenplay for Arkham Knight at Rocksteady. Former screenwriter Craig Owens and cinematic director Mark Tan also said goodbye to the Warner studio and are now contributing to Fable.

In addition, other members of the Playground Games fable team and their roles in the development became known: Will Kennedy (GTA V) is set as chief designer, Juan Fernández de Simón (Hellblade) is on board as senior game designer and Adam Olsson (The Division 2) is listed as the lead environmental artist. In addition, there are of course many developers working on Fable who had previously worked on Forza Horizon.

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