Fabián Coito asks for calm after thrashing Granada: ‘You don’t have to go crazy, this is just beginning’

Houston, United States.

The coach of the Honduras National Team, Fabián Coito, said that his pupils met the first goal in the 2021 Gold Cup, after thrashing Granada 4-0 in his debut and affirmed that “the triumph was never at risk”.

Coito was satisfied with the victory, but believes that they have to improve. “Very happy with the result, in short, it is what the teams come to look for, which is to win games, score points and go as far as possible. It got off to a good start in that regard. In the first half we lacked depth, it wasn’t easy, but then we tried and the chances of scoring came out, ”he stressed at the press conference after the match played at the BBVA Compass stadium in Houston.

He regretted the sensitive casualties of Michaell Chirinos Y Marcelo Pereira, footballers whom he had considered, for the tournament. “The victory was never at risk but logically it must be scored with goals to avoid surprises, happy with the performance of the players, Alberth (Elis) returned after being in doubt, thanks to a good recovery he was able to return, we miss Chirinos and Pereira because we had considered them but now recover tiredness and prepare what is coming ”.


The Uruguayan was asked if he felt pressure for not winning. “It was not pressure, but the need as a coach and as a member of a team to achieve sporting results and not deserve them as happened in the Final Four, we played good games but the results did not come out. We came with that slogan to win games, points, to consolidate the team, like Félix Crisanto who had no activity at the National League level for a long time, I have a very good impression of what Félix can bring us, we decided to recover it, I did not think that he was going to be in the Gold Cup. Thanks to his work and his dedication he was able to return ”, he replied.


Coitus referred to the case of Romell Quioto, who returned to play with the Bicolor and scored the fourth goal of the match. “Romell is going through a great moment since last year in his team, we had been delaying his return for different reasons, today it was possible, he did some very good minutes, he left a good impression, he is a strong, dangerous player It is in a great moment and that must be taken advantage of; today he gave us a great hand to win ”.

He also gave his assessment of Alberth Elis. “I saw it well, he arrived without playing football, today he did a few minutes, he was training in a good way and we saw that he was in a position to have minutes on the field, we wanted to give it to him so that he can gain confidence, but we must not rush the deadlines. Recovery. He is a very important player for us, what he transmits is difficult to contain, thrown at speed is dangerous. He had a great campaign in Portugal and a great League of Nations, we are very happy about this recovery in record time that he made thanks to the work of the health and his physical conditions ”.


The Honduran coach spoke about the next game of the Catracha squad that will be on Saturday against Panama, selection of which he speaks very well. The Canaleros debuted with an exciting 3-3 draw against Qatar.

“The game will be different, there will not be so many people near the rival area, surely they will play with a different disposition than what Granada wanted to impose on us, there is a better quality of footballers from the next rival, perhaps we will not find those difficulties As before, it will be a team that will complicate us much more in attack, we must take precautions, they are in a good moment, they have rebellion, they drew the game three times today, all that makes the next game for us important but complicated ”.


Despite the resounding thrashing against Granada, Fabián Coito calls for calm. “We have had it since we came and the results are showing us different things, but we must not go crazy, this is just beginning, there have been results that have surprised and we must be calm, leave this game behind and without giving much space to euphoria, we must prepare the game that comes ”.

Finally, Coito spoke about the plague of injuries in national teams: “We have talked about it at the Under-23 and Senior level, which is a group that works together, these situations have occurred, there are different reasons and causes for the injuries that have occurred and it is not that they have gotten off the boat. We are going to dedicate ourselves to recovering them and having them soon for the competitions. And those who have a little more complicated injuries must be accompanied, protected, helped because time passes very quickly and when we least agree, they will be close to returning to the courts ”.


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