“The choice to tell the incredible professional story of such an original and passionate artist is motivated by the desire to find a presence in the words of the interviewees, not a memory”. So Giorgio Verdelli presented out of competition at the Venice Film Festival which ended on Saturday 11 September «Ezio Bosso. Le cose che restano ”, a documentary dedicated to the conductor, composer and pianist who died in May 2020 at the age of 48. In the film, the story is entrusted to Bosso himself (who would have turned 50 today having been born in Turin on 11 September 1971) who reveals himself and lets the spectators enter his world and his imagination. In the soundtrack there is also the unreleased song “The Things That Remain”, a last message for everyone, because – as the musician said – “everyone will tell their own story and I can only suggest mine”.

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