Eye shadow for brown eyes: these tones suit best |

Eye shadow for brown eyes: these tones suit best |

With the right eyeshadow, you can bring out the best in brown eyes. Earth tones and metallic tones underline your advantages.

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Eyeshadow for brown eyes: These tones are suitable

Brown eyes radiate calm and warmth. With the right make-up, it is important to choose the right eye shadow. Almost all tones go well with brown eyes.

  • earth tones:Erdtone such as brown, sand, ocher or nude harmonize very well with your brown eyes. These can be applied discreetly for the day or a little more vigorously for the evening.
  • Black and Gray: For special occasions, the make-up can also be a little heavier. With a black eyeshadow and gray nuances, you can create smokey eyes that look mystical with brown eyes.
  • Rosé: If you prefer it more reserved, you can apply some rosé-colored eyeshadow to the movable lid. However, the tone should not be too reddish and cool, as this will quickly make you look sick.
  • Gold: A metallic shimmering eye shadow like gold suitable if you want dramatic make-up. The warm gold makes brown eyes shine.
  • Violet: Strong colors come into question on warm summer days. Violet eyeshadow and brown eyes are a striking but successful combination.
  • Turquoise: Turquoise also goes well with brown eyes. The following applies: the lighter your eye color, the stronger the eyeshadow can be. Dark brown eyes are best accentuated with light shades of eyeshadow.
  • Dunkelgrun: A strong dark green flatters brown eyes, especially if they contain a small amount of green.
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