A group of scientists from the UK has identified a link between the presence of age-related eye diseases and the likelihood of developing dementia. To do this, they analyzed data from more than 12 thousand patients aged 55 to 73 years. The research results were published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology.

The article says that disruption of sensory pathways that help our eyes respond to external stimuli indicates a risk of more rapid development of dementia.

In particular, macular degeneration indicates the danger of developing the disease – in patients with this disease, the likelihood of dementia increases by 26%. The risk of dementia is 11% higher for cataracts and 61% higher for diabetes-related eye diseases.

It is noted that the presence of glaucoma also indicates the risk of vascular dementia, but not Alzheimer’s disease.

The publication notes that the study is of an overview nature – it only indicates a pattern, the reasons for the correlation of diseases are not disclosed. At the same time, scientists have suggested that diabetes, depression, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases can be common causes of dementia and eye diseases.


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