Extremely rich: 4 zodiac signs are the most likely to become billionaires

In some cases, the character determines the level of the account and wallet. Four prominent billionaires show that the zodiac sign can also play a role.

In many cases, people who have achieved fabulous wealth through their own efforts are characterized by special character traits. Some are extraordinarily ambitious, others overly creative. We took a look at the current Forbes list, which quantifies the wealth of billionaires. The zodiac signs of four prominent super-rich give an idea of ​​how they came to their immense wealth and why other people with these zodiac signs also have the best chance of becoming rich.

You can see four zodiac signs that earn a lot of money in the video above.

Elon Musk: $246.1 billion – Cancer zodiac sign

Elon Musk (51), currently the richest man in the world, made his first fortune in 2002. When Ebay acquired PayPal, a payment service Musk helped create, for $1.5 billion, he was the largest single shareholder with 11.7 percent of the company’s shares.

Ordinary people would have retired after this transaction. But Musk did not let up in his entrepreneurial activities and became a pioneer of electromobility through his investments and his commitment to the automotive group Tesla. And so it’s hardly surprising that Musk was born under the zodiac sign Cancer. Because representatives of this zodiac sign are often considered to be particularly determined and purposeful.

Jeff Bezos: $147.5 billion – Capricorn zodiac sign

Jeff Bezos (58) is fighting a constant battle with Elon Musk for the rank of the richest person in the world. And there’s a good chance that the Amazon founder, who was once the first person in the world to be worth more than $200 billion, will eventually unseat Musk again. Because Bezos was born under the sign of Capricorn, and Capricorns are known for their incredible toughness. When they set a goal, they usually achieve it.

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This is what characterizes the Capricorn zodiac sign.

Bill Gates: $104.2 billion – Zodiac sign Scorpio

It is fair to say that Microsoft founder Bill Gates (66) catapulted humanity into the future with his company. His entrepreneurial spirit ensured that most homes now have a computer and that humanity is better connected than ever before.

That Gates was born under the sign of Scorpio is not surprising. In many cases, representatives of this zodiac sign have an incredible thirst for research and are passionate about developing real innovations.

This is how the zodiac sign Scorpio ticks.

Kim Kardashian: $1.8 billion – Zodiac sign Libra

The billionaires club is mostly a male domain. But there are also some women who have made it to the world’s top earners, including entrepreneur Kim Kardashian (41). Unlike many of her peers who owe their wealth to an inheritance, Kim Kardashian has managed to become a billionaire on her own. She succeeded in doing this through perfect self-marketing, which ensured that her cosmetics and fashion products sold like hot cakes.

Whenever Kim Kardashian is seen in public, she impresses with her flawless looks. And so she corresponds exactly to her zodiac sign Libra, which stands for intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit, but also for a pronounced love of aesthetics.



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