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In India, very high temperatures for the season affect several regions of the country. The thermometer exceeds 46 degrees on Saturday April 30 in New Delhi.

The Yamuna River, in New Delhi (India), is, Saturday, April 30, in places completely dry. A major heat wave affects the north of the country. “I’ve never seen so little water here. Normally it’s full, now look: there’s hardly any left. I find it really shocking”says Mani Subamramaim, tuk-tuk driver. Since March, New Delhi has been sweltering under a blazing sun and abnormally high temperatures for the season.

The thermometer rose to 46 degrees on Saturday in some areas of the capital. A couple, who run an ironing workshop, can’t take it anymore. “These are extreme conditions for us. And if it goes on for a long time, it will get even harder. It’s so hot that I have headaches and stomach pains.”, said the workman. The exceptional temperatures are expected to rise further in the coming days. Hospitals are preparing to receive sick patients from the heat wave.

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