Extreme heat in Europe has killed thousands of people

Climate change and global warming have affected the whole world. Especially in recent years, the heat experienced in Europe has caused the death of many people. At least 678 people died this summer in Spain, which had the hottest days, and 1,655 people in Portugal.

It is predicted that heat waves, which are called silent disasters in America, will also come to Turkey today. Experts state that temperatures will increase by 2-3 degrees. He underlines that this situation can have a serious impact with the combination of wrong urban policies and the climate crisis.


Stating that Turkey will warm up to 3 degrees, but this will be felt more with the concretization, Istanbul Technical University Climate Change Application and Research Center Director Prof. Dr. Mikdat Kadıoğlu said, “Marmara and the Black Sea region will remain on the cool side. However, the Mediterranean and Aegean Regions will warm up. In our country, the heat wave is not taken seriously. No institution has a duty or responsibility to do in this regard,” he said.

Stating that the heat wave is known as a silent disaster especially in the USA, Kadıoğlu said, “When a heat wave warning is given, municipalities usually provide cooling aid to the poor, the sick and those on the upper floors of the apartments. It helps those who do not have air conditioners, and those who do but cannot use it, help their electricity bill. In Turkey, God looks at those who burn in the heat! Heating aid is provided in cold weather in winter, but no one provides cooling aid, which is the opposite of this, in summer.”

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Stating that there are deaths from heat in Turkey, as in the rest of the world, but not recorded, Kadıoğlu said, “There is no record of ‘he died from a heat wave’ in hospitals in Turkey. Therefore, there are no statistics on how many people died in Turkey. In Europe and America, these records are kept.”



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