Expulsions with time, unlimited changes and 30 minutes: The five new rules for football ‘of the future’ that FIFA already tested – Ten

Football continues to grow and new modifications have arrived to achieve a better version. FIFA is testing five new rules for “the future.”

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These tests are being done at the Future of Football Cup, U-19 friendly contest in which the rules have already entered into force.

First, the game time is modified. The proposal is for two 30-minute halves, but with the peculiarity that every time the match stops the clock too.

In this way, players lose time in a restart or by feigning an injury as is often the case today.

Another change is the unlimited substitutions. This comes hand in hand with the first since the departure of a player from the field of play would not consume minutes of the game.

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The laterals would no longer be executed with the hand, they would be done with the foot. With this, the fourth rule was born, which proposes that in throw-ins and in corners, the footballer can resume the game without having to play with another teammate, that is, he will have the possibility of driving after supporting the ball.

The last rule has to do with cards. Whoever receives a yellow must leave the field for five minutes. However, the penalty of definitive expulsion is maintained in the event of a red card.


1. Two 30-minute halves
2. Unlimited changes
3.Kick-in kick-offs
4. If you get yellow you must go out for five minutes
5. In free-kick plays or corner kicks, the pass is not essential.

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These rules are being put to the test by FIFA at the Future of Football Cup where teams like PSV, AZ, RB Leipzig and Club Brugge participate.


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