Exposed: Hendrik Wüst with flood victims in Hagen – state politics – news

Short official way? “I’ll give you my contact information”

But that doesn’t help the Fischers either. Embarrassed silence on the construction site. “I’ll give you my contact information later.” says Wust. “Then I would try to bring them together.”

The final sprint of the top candidates

22:46 Min.


Available until 05/08/2023

And what about the unbureaucratic help? “Is it one of your goals that people can go back to their homes?” asks Anne Schober, who also lived in the house that was hit by the water. “Yes, ready”, says the prime minister. “The insurance companies pay for 200 days for an alternative apartment, that’s long gone. People are now financing it with their own resources because there is no flood aid,” complains Schober.

“In the end it’s not that unbureaucratic”

“It’s always about tax money. In the end, it never gets that unbureaucratic. As a politician, you have to be careful. But of course it has to go faster,” promises Wust.

The “Suspended” post will be broadcast on May 10th in the “Current Hour”. The other top candidates were also “suspended”. The episodes will be shown in the coming days or have already been broadcast.



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