Exploding immigration is not enough in the EU

There is a problem in the labor market. Many sectors need workers. This problem is prevalent in a large part of the European Union. The European Commission believes it has found the solution by bringing in migrant workers from outside the Union. undesirable, writes Carla Joosten† The problems caused by immigration are no longer solvable. More creative solutions are needed for the shortage on the labor market.

Workers from countries such as Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia should more easily obtain a work permit in the European Union (EU), according to the European Commission. To this end, the Union wants to make agreements with those countries. But immigration in the Netherlands is already so high that the additional problems of housing, care and education cannot be absorbed now. The problem in the labor market must be solved in a different way.

A repeat of the failure of half a century ago threatens

The plan of the European Commission, which the EU countries and the European Parliament still have to consider, threatens to repeat the failure of half a century ago. First guest workers from countries such as Italy, Spain, Yugoslavia, Turkey and Greece were brought in and workers from Morocco followed in the late 1960s.

The employers had solved their problem, but society was not prepared to take in the workers and later their families. The integration of many is never really complete.

In the meantime, employers are again at a crossroads. The aging population is beginning to take its toll. But the companies could have seen it coming.

Until now, the shortage of hands could be solved by hardworking workers from Central and Eastern Europe. But that is no longer possible, so we are looking to Africa. The European Commission also wants this and wants to kill two birds with one stone: to improve the current faltering asylum and migration policy in Europe. “An ambitious and sustainable EU policy on legal migration allows us to attract the talent our economies need and create secure channels to reach Europe,” the Commission wrote.

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