Expired insurance, 15 or 30 days how long does the coverage last?

Among the most frequent oversights that occur in the automotive world, there is certainly that of the renewal of theCar Insurance. It often happens to find yourself with theexpired insurance. The regulations in force oblige citizens to travel with insurance coverage on their car.

What are the risks if you travel with expired insurance? It depends, you can take the more or circulate quietly if you are within the grace period during which the insurance continues to be valid. How many days are there? 15 or 30 days?

Insurance expired, how long can I circulate?

After annual expiry date of the insurance there is a coverage period of 15 days. Until last year, thanks to the Italian Care Decree, the coverage period was 30 days due to the COVID-19 emergency. To date, however, the deadline is again 15 days, and therefore you are not subject to penalties if you are stopped during this time interval.

Car insurance coupon, insurance period, policy expiry

The regulatory reference is art. 1901 of the 2nd paragraph of the Civil Code: “If the policyholder fails to pay the subsequent premiums at the agreed deadlines, the insurance remains suspended from midnight on the fifteenth day after the deadline”.

Expired insurance, 15 days coverage and warning requirement

What happens when the insurance expires? What does the law say? Based on art. 170 bis of the Private Insurance Code “..The insurance company is obliged to notify the policyholder of the expiry of the contract with at least thirty days’ notice and to keep operating, no later than fifteenth day following the expiry of the contract, the guarantee given with the previous insurance contract up to the effect of the new policy “.

During the two weeks, you are covered in the event of a claim even if the insurance has not been renewed.
This term is obviously valid only on Italian territory and is exclusive to annual policies.

Expired car insurance, what happens when it expires

In case of non-renewal of the insurance after 15 days, the policy expires automatically its renewal is no longer foreseen. The vehicle owner can therefore change company without giving reasons. Conversely, if the contractor’s company remains the same, its agent will contact the customer and provide further assistance for the new contract.

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Expired car insurance, what to do

According to the art. 193 of the Highway Code “motor vehicles cannot be placed on the road without third party liability insurance coverage“. Until 2012, the renewal of the car liability insurance was automatic, unless canceled. With the abolition of the ‘tacit renewal‘the motorist must renew the insurance independently and evaluate whether to continue with the same insurance company or prefer another that perhaps offers more advantageous conditions.

Expired insurance, what not to do

Attention therefore to theexpired insurance. The coverage period has an additional duration of 15 days. Subsequently, the insured cannot and must not use or park his vehicle in public areas or areas open to the public. Driving a vehicle with expired insurance involves very heavy penalties.

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