Existing building without appeal: Kühne wants to build a new opera house in Hamburg with Benko

Existing building without radiance
Kühne wants to build a new opera house in Hamburg with Benko

The billionaire Kühne apparently wants to build a monument in Hamburg. After supporting the HSV football club for years without much success, he pursues a new idea – an opera. The existing one is just average. That’s why a new one is needed. He has already found a partner.

The entrepreneur Klaus-Michael Kühne is planning a new opera for his native city of Hamburg. As the 84-year-old billionaire told the “Spiegel”, he could not do much with the previous Hamburg State Opera: the building was contaminated with asbestos, the acoustics were poor and the level was average. The house lacks radiance, Hamburg deserves better, said Kühne: “I would like to make a contribution to this.”

According to Kühne’s ideas, the new opera is to be located in the Hafencity – in the area where the Elbtower of the real estate magnate René Benko is currently being built. Kühne is currently working out a financing concept for the opera with Benko. The new building should therefore cost 300 million to 400 million euros.

The old house could be demolished and a modern real estate project could be developed there. “Then we could kill two birds with one stone,” Kühne told the magazine. It is not yet clear whether the project will be implemented. The culture senator is open to him, the mayor, Peter Tschentscher, rather reserved, said Kühne. Kühne is aware that he will not be able to live to see the completion of his opera. “You have to be realistic,” he said.

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