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Nitsch has never been seen like this: the ridge pictures not with fine lines, but rather wallpaper-like, the floor pictures with a rough structure in which you can see the fibers of the canvas.

Michael Pfabigan

In the summer of this year, the action artist and ardent Richard Wagner fan Hermann Nitsch was allowed to hold a painting action parallel to the concert performance of Wagner’s “Walküre”.

Pictures from the performances, in which 1,000 liters of paint were used per evening, have been on view in the Mistelbacher Nitsch Museum since last Sunday.

How the pictures were created is shown in the film made as part of the “Walküre”, which can also be seen in Mistelbach (until September 4, 2022).

Conclusion: Hermann Nitsch from Bayreuth in Mistelbach – from a previously unknown side.


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