exercises with mini fitball from pilates to do anywhere

At the sea between a swim and another, in the park after a run, at home in the morning or in the evening. An original way to get back on the road, perhaps after a period of inactivity

The tool is small, but effective: a soft ball, the one used in pilates lessons. It does not require great effort, it is handy and practical, to be used even just 20 minutes every day to get back on the bike and reactivate the muscles. The basic principle? An overview of the movement. The work does not focus on specific areas, but involves several parts of the body together: the workout is intense, simple, but complete. The mini ball alternates isometric exercises, that is static, which increase toning, with dynamic movements that help to define. And more toned muscles help maintain a healthy weight: more muscle mass, more active metabolism, more calories burned.

The benefits of soft fitness with the ball

The movement involves the muscle bands that support the back and establish a correct position of the pelvis. There mini fitball it is also a valid support in the exercises of stretchingis used to relax areas at greater risk of tension such as neck and backimproves awareness of the body and of the positions to be maintained.

What exercises to do

Let’s now look at an example of a program that affects different parts of the body.

  • Crunch for the abs: lying on your back, mini fitball squeezed between the knees, back well supported, legs bent, feet close to the ground, arms crossed in front of the chest. Take your shoulder blades off the ground, bend your torso forward and bring your head towards your knees. Keep your gaze forward to protect your neck. Perform the exercise slowly, without jerks, exhaling as you go up, inhaling as you go down. Do 4 sets of 12 repetitions with 30 seconds of recovery between one and the other ”.
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  • Squats for legs and buttocks: in feet, legs shoulder-width apart, feet parallel and toes turned slightly outwards, look forward, arms stretched in front of the chest, mini fitball held in your hands, perform a descent as if to sit down. Bend the knees, hips and ankles in a controlled manner until the upper thigh area is parallel to the ground at buttocks height. Keep your back straight, abs in contract and knees in line with your feet. Do 4 sets of 10 reps.
  • Exercises for abdominals: supine with legs raised and knees bent at 90 ° with mini fitball between the feet, raise your legs then lower them back to touch the ground. The movement is continuous and without pauses. So for 20 repetitions
  • Bridge for the buttocks: Lying on the back, legs bent and hip-width apart, feet parallel, mini-fitball between the knees, arms on the ground, at the sides. As you exhale, lift your pelvis and squeeze the ball between your legs by contracting your buttocks. Hold the position for 5 seconds, then inhale return to the starting position. Do 3 sets of 15 reps with a 3 second break between each.

How the mini fitball should be

The mini fitball you need for these exercises must have a diameter of 20 to 25 cm and has an indicative price of 10/15 euros.



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