Exercise prevents aging: these are its benefits

When we talk about exercise and physical activity, there are what seems to be myriad benefits that it can have on a person’s body. Of course, it can help you lose weight, improve cardiovascular health, boost metabolism, strengthen muscles or bones, give limbs more flexibility. We usually see these benefits individually depending on what we are looking for in the gym, but if we see them all together we discover that the exercise it has a definite benefit: preventing aging.

Exercise to avoid old age

A compilation of articles linking exercise with anti-aging published in BioMed Research International notes: “The physical exercise it has been shown as an anti-aging intervention. While exercise certainly cannot reverse the aging process, it accentuates many of its systematic and cellular deteriorating effects. ” That is, although do exercise will not make a 50 year old go back to looking 30, at least it can reduce the impact of age on the system, which is what many who want to lead a healthy lifestyle (and who want to look good in advanced age).

In general, as they age, people lose muscle mass, may suffer from heart disease and reduced immune function. However the exercise can help reduce these processes. When experts invite people to do exercise To be healthier, refer to these benefits. “The regular exercise o la physical activity it has an important influence on aging and can help prevent age-related disorders, ”says another study published in the journal Clinicals.

That same work points to other studies that have shown that training programs and of exercise They can help improve muscle strength, balance (ideal to avoid movement problems), cardiorespiratory health (avoiding heart problems), metabolism, glucose tolerance (avoiding weight problems) to daily activities (with what we know as functional exercise) and even to have better psychological health. All this in people who are in their 80s or 90s. However, these effects can be important in younger people, reducing the impact of exercise.

A curious fact that we can add is that some people still believe absurd myths like what to do exercise You can age faster due to the number of heartbeats your body can generate in one lifetime. According to some reports, Donald Trump is one of the people who believes in that (and we are not too surprised). Of course, this is false, and in general, boosting cardiovascular activity is key to living a healthier life. This is even reflected in our skin and our appearance.

Going back to exercise, some experts point out that it is ideal to start do exercise From the age of 30, when the loss of muscle mass begins to appear, which is due to a reduced capacity for muscle activation (which makes it more difficult to get fit after that age) and some alterations of the body. If we allow this deterioration to continue, in parallel with other elements of the body, we can age much faster. The way to stop it is with physical activity.

Regarding the amount, experts usually point out that up to 15 minutes of exercise a day they can be key to having a healthy lifestyle. However, it is also important to consider improving our habits. It doesn’t matter if we do a little exercise if we continue to have habits that can age us faster, such as eating junk food or excessively.

So if you want to keep your looks, and your body healthy, you only need a little exercise a day.

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